3D Face Recognition based banking security products and Solutions

About Ayonix Corporation

Ayonix Corporation headquartered in Tokya, Japan is a pioneer company on Face recognition technology and develops its own proprietary state-of-the-art face recognition algorithms. Established in March 2007, Ayonix now has world wide offices in Sau Paulo, Colombo, Dubai, Hong Kong, South Africa, Warsaw with a strong distributor networks in more than 20 Countries in 7 continents and employs 120 people worldwide.

Ayonix face recognition technology and applications are fully developed by Ayonix R&D and Application team at Tokyo. Neither outsourcing nor third-party licensing is done.

Ayonix has been ranked as number two in the evaluation test of NIST 2014 face recognition vendor tests by matching 1.7 million people in one second, providing definitive proof of the superiority of Ayonix's face recognition technology.

Ayonix products and solutions are represented in India by Elsara Technologies (P) Ltd, head quartered in Bangalore, Karnatka

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